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Colorado open for cannabis tourism - Stuff.co.nz sale

PREPPING FOR BUSINESS: Juvenile marijuana plants cloned from more mature plants start to grow in the nursery at RiverRock in Denver.

A long black van with no telling markings slips through the snow-encrusted streets of Denver. If you could peek through the tinted windows, you'd see Timothy Vee standing at the front nike air max 1997 millenium of the vehicle, addressing a group lounging on an S-curve of cushioned seats. And if you could press your ear against the closed door, you'd hear the Colorado Highlife Tours owner informing his fellow pot smokers, "It's time to get stoned now!" At the start of the tour, the reaction might have been strong enough to shatter the candy-colored glass pipes being passed around. But after several hours of inhaling and ingesting Colorado's new legal high, the most anyone can muster is a tepid "yeah." Stoners aren't known for raucous outbursts and fist-pumping cheers. And yet cannabis s

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